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 1.Celesto-terral torsion - vortical hypersaction technology  (CTTVH). Technology of ground purification from radioactive pollution. 

The technology allows to locate and to clear completely from radiation sites of a terrestrial surface of any area. T. According to the offered scenario it is proposed to use this technology for cleansing of Chernobyl area.


2. Nuclear wastes deactivation technology. Chronal - wave amplifying  planimetric       Extension Technology (CWPE).      

 The essence of technology consists in use of physical properties of time. The object is fixed in the present and is transported in the conditional future appropriate to the half-decay period of radioactive substance. In result the object, remaining in the present, gets the steady physical characteristics of the potential status in the future. 




3. Technology of accumulating and use of superfluous energy at Earth - Space energy exchange process.  

The essence of technology - that at the moment of daily change of a vector of conductivity of Pyramids so -called "respopause" phenomenon occurs. At such moments it is possible to use Pyramids as torsion generator. It is possible also to build artificial Pyramids and to focus them on antivectoring stars, catching and accumulating of a torsion component of star energy. The given technology, as a matter of fact, is using energy of physical vacuum. Its application becomes possible in global scale only in the Sixth Race. 

4. Additive Superfluous Tapping Technology (ASTT). The essence of technology is, that at Earth - Space energy exchange process via Planetary Power Spots, Chakras and Pyramids, more energy passes, than it is necessary for a nucleus of the Earth. The superfluous part can be removed (tapped), transformed and used for maintenance of needs of terrestrial power. By the way, the given physical phenomenon is actively used in Chatyr-Dag. This phenomenon will also to be used in the future.


   5. Causal Transposition Technology (CTT).


The essence of technology consists in change of an information status of Causal infomatrix in the Causal Worlds that causes instant change of a matter in the World of Consequences. CTT is basic technology of the Seventh Race, since it implies a highest level of access or Initiations, and also is connected to work on Causal Plan of a Galaxy.   


6.   Mental Technology of Authorized Access Systems.

The given technologies are already known to Earth citizens. The system of protection of the Egyptian Pyramids works by their principle, more known as pharaoh damnation.  Program thought - forms created, which then is projected in astral plan. The Thought - form is programmed on the certain frequency level: at approximation to object of a man his cumulative aurical vibration is scanned. If man's thinking is pure, i.e. his vibration is high, the resonance does not occur, and he is passed. If he has planned evil or larceny, i.e. his vibration level is low, there is a resonance and program thought - form activates, for example, in a form of monster. Any program of visualization can be given. Instead of a monster it is possible to connect system to a source of a material feeding and to produce an electroshock. The thought - form is also capable of absorbing energy of environmental space for self-energy providing. 

  The given technology can find universal use on the Earth already now, as a reliable guarantee from the non-authorized access.   


Causal - Matrix Replacement.

The given technology relates to a highest Level of Admission. The work on Causal Plan of the Earth and Galaxy is meant. It will allow making instant transformation of a matter by means of correction appropriate Causal matrixes. 


  CHRONAL TECHNOLOGIES (technology of work in TIME contours). 

 Chronal - regressive extension Technology (CRET). 


The object is located in STZV (Special Time Zone Vacuum), and then it is projected in the past, when it obviously was in natural status. Then chronal contours are combined. In result the substance, which is taking place in the present, gets qualities of its previous status.


The given technology is more difficult, than others as it means artificial performance of the law of Preservation of Energy. It is in addition necessary to supersede appropriate chronal - information pieces in the parallel worlds of possible realities and to balance thus there inter energy exchange.

10. Mental Surgery.


  Practically any illness (except for inherent) can be cured in time. The essence of mental - chronal surgery consists in moving of the patient's body at the moment of time, when it was healthy.


Then is made by sticking "together" extrapolation to possible reality and chronal contours connection. The program of molecular - fabric synchronization further is activated.







"  Aging is virus - caused illness!"


"  Aging is a process of loss of ability of a human being to perceive the environmental reality, as physical energy complex "


  The man is created on an image and similarity of the God. So really our God gets sick, grows old and dies?

  The process of aging is a consequence of "mortal implant introduction in causal body of a human being, which has been impantated in result of Planetary Logos infectioning by a virus of Fall. Immortality of a physical body - natural status for God - like man, whom we earlier everyone were. In root parent matrix of the human being there is no information on necessity of aging and death that means, that man has real chance to achieve immortality. (Hereinafter author means under definition "immortality" - immortality of a physical body, apriori believing, that the reader realizes, that death of Soul be can not be basically). 

 However access of the human being to his root matrix is severely supervised and blocked by the One who during last thousands years operated the man.  

  Mortal impant produces in physical body of a human being special gene - mortal (gene of death) and herontogene  (gene of aging). At the moment of birth the man has these genes in a latent status. Earlier, when, according to the Bible, people lived about one thousand and more years, herontogene was being activated only at 450-600 years of life, i.e. on half of lived life. Now herontogene activation occurs after 33 years. A wide scatter on time of activation of aging gene at the various people also is now observed. The herontogene activation depends on a course of internal time of the man, i.e. from way of his life, residence and, mainly, quality of his thoughts.


  In "normal" conditions the man is born, grows and reaches one's "gold age" at 30-37 years.  Then an activation of herontomortal program of self-destruction occurs. Being activated, herontogene reprograms cells on " discrepancy of last copying ", growing in a geometrical progression. The aging is a transition of cells from clonning to copying. And the copy, as is known, always concedes to the original. Information screen creates around a man interfering receipt by cells of "correct" vital program. Moreover, the virus annihilates a part of cellular division information, metabolism and fibers synthesis inside cells. 

  The terrestrial psychologists have named the period of herontogene activation as " middle-age crisis" and, naturally, have connected it only with the terrestrial reasons. It is necessary to note, that spiritual - energy screen is formed much earlier - at 7, 12 years age. The process of gene - molecular -code conversion conducts to gradually increasing deterioration of fabrics and molecules and, as a consequence, to destruction of the last. 


  Initially, when the people of the Earth were immortal, the Creators have enclosed in them special anticoding program in the form oncological (oncogene). It successfully executed a role of human being's "hospital attendant", destroying only growing old and sick cells. Onkogene used to be a gene of Youth. But course of involution, as a result of deviation of a man from Divine norms of life, onkogene has mutated - " went crazy ", having turned into ruthless all-devouring murderer. The Gene was stuck out from under the control of a brain and began independent program of evolution, not submitting to brain anymore.

  In Agni - Yoga it is said, that opposition of viability can cure any illness. On this principle the preventive vaccination is based. By the same principle onkogene was functioning before reprogramming, also raising immunity function. Any illness can be cured by sharply strengthened of its current in the certain phase! The strong short-term cold looks as paradox, but best means from cold.

 Is it possible to change a situation and to achieve increase of life span and immortality? It is possible, but is it necessary? At a present spiritual level of mankind the death is the great boon, which is not giving the people to increase the evil deeds, crime and lawlessness. 

  Nevertheless. The best age for gerontogene complex code conversion complex - 30-33 years. It is possible to block causal - mortal implant info ducts or to reprogram gene - molecular parent (root) DNA, scanning and transmitting vital program from human being's  "Ideal status of consciousness matrix". 

  The ultimate root cause annihilation of causal - mortal implant form Karmic Body of the man is essentially impossible before Quantum Transition, when it will automatically " burn down" in torsion vibration.

  And still, is it possible to make it before transition in the individual order? Yes, it is possible. But it very much, is very difficult. The hardest spiritual work, development of a physical body, completion of transmutation is necessary, as well as cerebral defragmentation, Faith, Will, God of God. 

  The man can block heronto - mortal causal complex only through MICROASCENSOIN! It means, that he will learn to operate his vibrations so, that the implant l appears blocked. Earlier it could do Buddha and Christ. Torsion capsule will block destructive info codes transmitting -a kind of hereonto - mortal gene software. And, as is known, without the software and power your computer is simple a piece of iron. We repeat, it extra hard but IT IS POSSIBLE!!! 

  If at global Quantum Ascension there is a decomposition, burning of all viruses in all bodies of the man and their restoration on new vibration level, at Micro ascension this process is limited by Karmic (fifth) body. The one who can achieve immortality at life and will enter Sixth Human Race via Direct Transform, enters his monadic name in the Gold Book of a History of the Universe, and becomes the Keeper - of Quantum Transition, and then - one of the Teachers (Masters) of the New World. 

  The one who wants to achieve Micro Ascension and find immortality at life should to give attention to management of speed of chakras' rotation, increase of spirituality and strengthening of health and all physical body.




DATE: 26.11.2001


  If we imagine the DNA as a computer, "iron", therefore for its functioning the software is also necessary. Such program for human DNA was developed by the One who had created the man and subsequently reprogrammed him, literally having cut off 10 DNA spirals from him and having blocked up to 95 % of a brain.

  Kodons are the letters of the DNA alphabet, sequence of nucleate chains of different length - syllables, word collocation and sentences. It was possible by the terrestrial scientists only to sequence them. And they have announced on all Worlds that they have deciphered a gene code of a human being. Certainly, this discovery - large, revolutionary step forward to knowledge of the Truth. However it is not necessary to exaggerate it - discerning of letters of the alphabet - you see yet it was not possible to make any word, i.e. the DNA programming language - vitalingua  - is not learnt yet. Any language is, first of all, set of linguistic rules, formulas and traditional steady combinations. 


  Since kodons are the letters, it is possible to form by means of their interactions infinite quantity of the biological vital forms, just as the limited amount of the letters of the alphabet forma a dictionary stock of language - lexicon. However, certainly, hypothetically it is not endless. 

  It is necessary to the terrestrial scientists now to realize Divine essence of the man and his DNA. What you deal with is physical DNA, which bears no more than 12 % of the necessary information (it is the programs of fibers synthesis, metabolism formula and partial regeneration). Basic vital program carries in itself the subtle, "field DNA, which existence you now can only suggest as a hypothesis. Soon it will be possible to read separate letters, but also word, word collocation, sentences and even the whole DNA texts.   


  The DNA programming language - vitalingua - is software for creation of the diverse forms of life. The discovery of vitalingua is to be made very soon. Its discovery or decoding, more correctly to tell, will give opportunities of  "competent biomatter cloning, and also opportunity of creation by human being life forms similar to him.  The danger that the man is not only physical body, but also set subtle field shells - that you name as soul. Correct cloning - i.e. the creation similar and viable life form is admitted only together with soul. You are sure, what this question is good studied by you and you can clone Soul as well? . But with yours by the present knowledge you can only create of an impractical genetic mutant with unpredictable strategic model of behavior. 


  With vitalingua decoding the mankind will face a global evolutionary dilemma, wrong decision will result in destruction of a civilization. At this dilemma only two basic decisions two ways, on which will develop mankind of new epoch: return to spirituality and God or self-destruction through own creation.  Man - Clonning of a man - is a watershed.  Please clone, everything, only not you, for it is infringement of the Law of Space, according to which similar may not artificially to reproduce similar. Children should be born in natural way. The space Law says, that reasonable life form can reproduce only hierarchically low evolutionary life forms. Clone mice, frogs, horses, but do not try to equalize yourselves with the Creator - DO NOT CLON A HUMAN BEING!!!  For it will create inadequate reasons in   Spiritual Space as the irreversible reasons, about which you know nothing, which consequence will be immediate destruction of a human civilization.

 We hope for your wisdom!






Let's demonstrate only two possible ways of world events development.



   (In a root contradicts the plan of the Highest Forces in rescue of the Earth!) 

  Beginning of war in May - June 2002. International terrorism prepares a series of monstrous terrorist attacks against the Christian countries on Easter (May 5 2002.). The basic objects of an attack - Jerusalem and Vatican. In Jerusalem it is planned to blow up portable nuclear bomb from the former arsenal of USSR Special Forces which was bought by Bin Laden in the black market of arms. Shocked with these attacks Israel puts chaotic nuclear impacts on Palestine and Iraq. The chain reaction in global scale begins. 


   Saddam Hussein, in performance of his mission, puts missile, nuclear, chemical and bacteriological impacts on territory of Israel and, probably, next states - India and Pakistan, in particular. As a result of answerback impacts, as well as intervention of Russia, China and USA, the global nuclear conflict begins. . When it accepts global character, all-out slaughter will begin. The people in national scales "will recollect" each other all insults.  Not only nuclear states will be involved in war, but also a lot of other countries. This will be promoted by that fact, that world "peacekeeper" - USA - will be simple not up to them. Among pair elements by Third World can act: Yugoslavia, Moldova, Northern Caucasus, Afghanistan, Iran of Iraq, North Korea - South Korea - Japan, Israel - Palestine-Lebanon, Greece - Turkey etc. Two basic contradictory coalitions shall be formed: Christian and Muslim global systems. Victory, at general dead record to amount up to 1.68 bln.  Will be after Christian -Russian world. Is not clear yet, what position will be taken by Europe and Japan in this war. If they want to survive, it will be necessary to them to act on the party of Russia. There will be no neutral countries in this "mincing machine".

  Now the world is in an improbable pressure. Peace is kept only due to huge work of Hierarchy of Light. 


 Is connected to military operation against Iraq. It is necessary soberly to think and to know, that Saddam Hussein has nothing to lose and he will go on all.  

  In connection with stated, the most essential problem now represents preventing World War 3 beginning in 2002. For this purpose it is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks against Israel and Vatican of May 5, 2002 and to not admit a beginning " of antiterrorist campaign " against Iraq by any means. 

  The following recommendations can be offered to the international community: 

- By all possible and impossible ways to not admit Easter terrorist attacks against Vatican and Jerusalem;

-  Iran and Iraq:  to undertake all measures on preventing of provocations and terrorism, mainly against USA, which might serve as a pretext for antiterrorist operation;




  You know Your mission and ought to execute it! However it is NOT time yet, for the stars have not formed the fixed figure. America is very much offended on you, and still wants Iraqi oil.  Please undertake every possible steps not to give to provoke yourself!!! Do not give them a single chance! Use any diplomatic receptions and shifts. It is necessary to win time. And after this let the God's Will be executed!



  In case its special services together with Supreme Powers will not manage to prevent Easter terrorist attacks, DO NOT HASTEN with the nuclear answer! Neither Iraq, nor Palestine are involved in them!

RECOLLECT About Bin Laden!!!  It is necessary to punish guilty, instead of those who close or has got " under a hot hand ". 

 THE DISTURBING FACT: very similar, that USA launched psychological preparation both own population, and world public for a possibility of use of the nuclear weapon for " of struggle with terrorism ".  




  The technology of cold fusion is very ancient one. It was widely used in times of Atlantis. However with destruction of this civilization of the Fourth Human Race of the Earth, its technologies, including cold fusion as well as and energy extraction from physical vacuum, were lost (or are more precisely hidden before time).

The cold fusion technology is transitive.  The transitive technologies are technologies, which allow to influence a three-dimensional matter by torsion energies and methods. The cold fusion technology will open only by that scientist, which is advanced in spiritual development and can ensure non-use of it with the purposes of drawing harm to other forms of life of the Earth. One of the reasons, on which the reception of cold fusion formula is blocked, is threat of self-destruction of a civilization. It is imprudent to give in hands of a hostile wild man nuclear weapon, isn't it?


 However, in spite of anything, in a near future cold fusion formula will be found. It is predetermined by Space. It will find wide application in terrestrial power. On what ways there will be a mankind: prosperity with practically unlimited safe energy or self-destruction with its help? All depends only on us.

 We are authorized to make public and to make accessible to world science the below-mentioned information, which comprises hints for those who is engaged in a problem of cold fusion and trusts in its reality.

  So, for realization of controlled cold fusion reaction the certain conditions and physical formula - equation are necessary. 

  We shall speak about conditions necessary for activation of cold fusion reaction.


In nature exists as a minimum two a way of change of a matter inside one regularity continuum. In the three-dimensional world there are as a minimum two: thermal and frequency.

You can boil water on fire, i.e. using thermal way, and in a MICROWAVE oven i.e. using frequency way. The result will be the same - water begins to boil, difference only that frequency method is faster.

Achievement of a heat also is used to split a nucleus of atom. The thermal way gives unguided nuclear reaction.

The realization of controlled cold fusion reaction is possible only at frequency heating. The reaction will pass at any temperature, since the conditions of its realization do not depend on temperature. 

One of the basic conditions of a cold fusion reactor design is a condition of its pyramid form. Other important condition is presence of rotating magnetic and torsion fields. The crossing of fields occurs in a bifurcation point (unstable balance) nucleus of hydrogen (system ratio 1.6818) under the circuit of a Christian cross. 

The cold fusion reaction is completely controlled in any phase. The reaction is initiated by torsion field impulse by frequencies of special vibrations (key of reaction). The process of merge of nucleuses of hydrogen does not depend on temperature of active environment. The management of reaction is carried out informationally i.e. changing of parameters of active magnetic and torsion fields inside reactor). 

How to stop cold fusion reaction? How to stop any chain reaction in general?   

Imagine a principle of chain reaction on an example of a domino. At fall of the first chesspiece all line of a domino consistently falls. It is a chain reaction. It is sufficient, however, to remove from a circuit one, maximum two, chesspiece, and the chain reaction will be stopped. 

The cold fusion chain reaction stops in a similar way. It is as ignition and stopping of the engine of the automobile. 

Let's assume you want to stop reaction, as it is not necessary of energy any more. For this purpose it is necessary to break off an information chain of transfer of a signal of reaction. At the certain stage information "mirror" "is inserted" power special program - into a circuit. The information on chain reaction is reflected and comes back. Behind second is inserted into the block - program info mirror. The process interreflection of a signal begins, and then its attenuation begins. The amplitude of fluctuations gradually dies away. In result the cold fusion chain reactions gradually stop.  


It is necessary to note, that the nuclear power based on splitting of atom or a nucleus, represents the antispace phenomenon causing irreversible mutations in the Higher Worlds since its wastes break harmony of Space and cause huge harm to some cosmic objects.

Antipode is cold fusion, which does not break space power balance. Reactors for cold fusion should be copied with natural ones! Everything, above what breaks a head the scientists of all times and peoples, from a beginning of Times exist in a Nature. It is necessary simply to peer more attentively at it and to live with it in Harmony!




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